Senior Java Developer Interview Questions With Example Answers

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If you do use the built-in functions, they may follow up by asking about the drawbacks and limitations of that function. This is an opportunity for a developer to showcase their technical knowledge as well as communication and collaboration skills. Applicants should draw on specific examples of topics they might realistically have to talk about with a coworker and walk through simplified explanations that cut down on technical jargon. Those who fall into the senior developer category should keep in mind this question might be testing their ability to work with, teach or mentor less-seasoned developers. A candidate should talk about themself as a developer and as a person, emphasizing technical skills, but also providing insight on what makes them tick as an employee. Candidates should highlight those qualities and elaborate on how they can strengthen their work as a Java developer.

  • They create a space for job candidates to talk about both the technical and interpersonal side of their skillset.
  • For data structures like Map, which relies on hashcode() method of an object to find the key for that object will not be present in case of primitive types like int since they are don’t inherit from Object class.
  • Java has built-in sorting functions, so be sure to ask the hiring manager whether you can use them to answer this question.
  • They must also take on a wide range of responsibilities, any of which can have a crucial effect on your company’s record of success.
  • As a senior Java developer, you should be able to dig deep into understanding how these structures work and how they differ.
  • Spring manages and contains the configuration of application objects, as well as their life cycles.

Because the two concepts are related — polymorphism falls under the behavior of inheritance — Oladipo said he may stick to only asking about how one concept works, then ask the candidate to compare it to the other. With this type of question, he said, “I’m looking at their small-scale architectural skills.” Candidates can start by defining the concept of inheritance, and then explain how polymorphism extends that behavior. This question tests candidates on their ability to manipulate arrays and code a basic sorting algorithm. The question also offers some flexibility to hiring managers, who can follow it up by asking about the solution’s performance and scalability. Java has built-in sorting functions, so be sure to ask the hiring manager whether you can use them to answer this question.

Q4: What is Application Context?

Top 5 Java developer interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates. When interviewing senior Java developers, top candidates will indicate an excellent knowledge of Java applications, project planning, and design principles. Be wary of candidates who struggle to provide confident answers to technical troubleshooting questions. Being able to communicate clearly is an important trait for a senior developer to have in their skill set, but so is the ability to look at the bigger picture. There will be times when, even as a team leader, you have to compromise in order to overcome certain challenges. Having the where with all to listen to the opinions of other team members and be able to accept constructive feedback, is what makes someone a better developer.


They should also acknowledge the areas of software development they find challenging or skills that still need sharpening. This is a chance to discuss how a particular job opportunity can further growth in those areas. This is a chance to demonstrate high-level understanding of Java by talking about some of the key features that made it attractive.

How to prepare for your senior Java developer interview

Its most common use cases are logging, authorization, and caching. The testing pyramid is a concept that allows us to verify several levels of a candidate’s knowledge. Being able to identify all the layers should be enough for a junior developer, but for more experienced candidates, it’s better to make sure they have also implemented some of those using different tools or technologies. Stashing is a powerful tool to put aside code that you just wrote, without pushing it to any remote tracked branch. While it’s possible to create multiple stashes at once by giving them different names, it’s usually better to not have more than one stash, as things can become complex to restore. Is there any difference between creating a local git branch and a git stash?

To store a huge data load, we should be able to split it into chunks and retrieve results, for example by using the HGETALL command. Compression before storing the data might also be an option. You can be sure that JDK has the best implementation for the Java language. Don’t focus only on what already-made structure is the best one for a specific task. Algorithms and data structures are the base of our job, so be prepared to dig deep into those. It allows users to choose between databases and enables developers to write database applications in Java without the need to worry about the underlying details of specific databases.

Java Interview Questions for Junior and Senior Developers

So for java interview questions for senior developer, ask a senior Java developer a specifically tailored Java interview question. Likewise, askAndroiddevelopers about the technologies they would use to create a new Android app. If your company uses a specific programminglanguage, it is good to know that your senior programmer candidate is experienced in that area.

We have gathered 25 most asked java senior developer interview questions and answers so that you know what to expect when going into your next interview. This Senior Java Developer interview profile brings together a snapshot of what to look for in candidates with a balanced sample of suitable interview questions. These are best suited as senior java developer interview questions, but can be modified for any member of a java development team. Similar job titles include Java Programmer, J2EE Developer, Java Application Developer, Java Integration Developer, Java Backend Developer.


Candidates should expand on the kinds of projects they’re looking to work on and how Java makes that kind of programming and development possible. This question also allows applicants to make reference to the direction they’re looking to take their career in as a java developer — a point that should connect to the position. In short, how strong is their intellectual interest in their chosen field? Committed, inquisitive candidates will stand out when asking technical interview questions.

Q62: How do you secure routes in Spring MVC applications?

In this case, a slight modification to the state of the might be tolerable. Retrieving vast chunks of data has been indicated as one of the worst practices. A way better solution could be to store the data object in a standard NoSQL database. Investigate the candidate’s knowledge of Java collections. TreeSet, LinkedHashSet, and List are only some of the possible solutions.

  • Establishing seniority in the world of tech is more problematic than just looking at the number of years of experience.
  • They have to be able to write great code, and demonstrate knowledge of software architecture.
  • TreeSet, LinkedHashSet, and List are only some of the possible solutions.
  • Different data structures operate differently under the hood, and it’s important senior developers understand the benefits and drawbacks of different implementations and types of data structures.

Spring’s application programming interface translates technology-specific exceptions into consistent, unchecked exceptions. The Java Development Kit is the full-featured software development kit for Java. It includes the JRE in addition to compilers and tools such as JavaDoc and Java Debugger that allow a user to develop, compile, and execute Java applications. Our mission is to make it easier for developers to find great remote jobs with high-quality companies, and we’re on a mission to help as many people as possible!

There is a performance downside of using volatile, since all the operations are being done on main memory. Fail-safe works with the clone of an underlying collection and is therefore not affected by any modifications in the collection. Fail-fast iterators utilize a ConcurrentModificationException; fail-safe iterators do not throw such an exception.

The most common pitfall that the candidate should be aware of is the probable performance drop when using AOP, as it uses reflection under the hood, and Java reflection isn’t free . This can make business logic a little difficult to read to someone who’s skilled in this way of programming. While ArrayList is based on an auto-resizable array, LinkedList uses pointers to the next and previous elements, building a chain of elements to grant access to data. This means that choosing the correct structure depends on the use case, as the performance may vary greatly depending on this.

Instead, hiring managers consider all their interactions while candidates work through problems. When formulating an answer to this question, applicants should consider their professional expectations, anticipated career path and hard and soft skills. This is when candidates should demonstrate what they hope to gain from their employment as well as what they bring to the table. They can also begin to indicate how their skillset might apply to the duties and responsibilities that would be asked of them within the team they’re applying to join.

Examples include the ability to resolve textual messages from a properties file or the ability to publish application events to interested listeners. An application context is similar to a bean factory in that both are capable of loading definition, wiring beans together, and dispense beans upon request. But an application context also has additional functions, including a generic way to load file resources, a means for resolving text messages, and events to beans that are registered as listeners.

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Finding an answer can be a great exercise for candidates. For data structures like Map, which relies on hashcode() method of an object to find the key for that object will not be present in case of primitive types like int since they are don’t inherit from Object class. This type of question isn’t asking about the algorithm behind garbage collection, which is complex. Instead, candidates may be asked to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of having a garbage collection service built into the language. This is a very basic recursion question, but still trickier than a loop question. Candidates have to first understand how recursion works, and then be able to translate that knowledge into code.

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Exception hierarchy is must-have knowledge when it comes to using frameworks like Spring or Spring Boot. The vast majority of Java libraries define and document as precisely as possible an exception hierarchy for the various use cases solved. Next to this pyramid, it is usually possible to place a second smaller structure composed of component, load or performance tests.

You will also find out how they prioritize tasks, and how well they think through what they would do differently in the future. Optimize your software development capabilities by adding top talents from one of the leading outsourcing companies in the world; let our experience work for you. The objects are first allocated to young generation which is a small subset of entire heap. The collection classes in java.util.concurrent are fail-safe. This container is the simplest and is usually preferred when resources are limited, such as for mobile devices or applet-based applications.

I don’t work in an office anymore, and that was one of the best decisions I had to make during career. It wasn’t easy to let go of the social aspect of working life, but it has been worth it! Here are 23 questions you should ask before accepting a remote job. Here a candidate should demonstrate they’ve done their homework in terms of reading the job description closely and learning some basic information about the company — its values, mission and products or services. After that, you’re welcome to adapt to the compilation of questions we’ve provided above.

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